The Wayward Isles is an adventure and exploration game with a strong narrative focus, set within a completely open island environment. There are elements of combat and puzzle-solving but the emphasis is largely on story and atmosphere. The setting for the game draws on the folklore and culture of Scandinavia and the Orkney islands. It’s a ‘low fantasy’ setting with elements of magic but a generally more realistic mood than most similar games, avoiding the usual tropes of the genre where possible.

Players will take the part of Scyld, an aging exile returning to the island of his birth to settle old scores and finding himself drawn into conflict with the mysterious Odd Folk. Managing his relationships with various NPCs will be the key to making progress and there is a good deal of freedom in how to do this, allowing for many different paths through the game. There is no clear line between good and evil in the Wayward Isles, so many of Scyld’s choices will be very difficult indeed.

The Wayward Isles will feature a truly immersive environment, not only in look, sound and atmosphere but also in the culture of the Isles. The people you’ll meet will have a fully realised and unique way of life with their own superstitions, traditions and ceremonies. To succeed amongst them will mean learning and negotiating the rules of a society governed by strict family hierarchies and ritual feuds. We want the experience of the Wayward Isles to feel like a visit to a completely foreign country, with all the excitement and wonder that entails…


  • An open environment to explore however you choose.
  • A deep and dynamically branching story structure which allows for multiple routes through the game and a variety of endings.
  • A rich and immersive soundtrack.
  • A minimalist approach to UI, quests and inventory systems, tailored to players who want a story-rich experience without distraction.
  • A simple but brutal combat system which encourages tactical play.
  • With no clear line between good and evil within the game’s story, you’ll have to make some very difficult choices…
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