It is early days in development so there’s not a lot of content readily available for showing off stuff inside the engine. So I thought I’d take some assets unrelated to our game and have a bit of a play around with the engine’s ‘automatic-snow’ feature.

This is a short, relaxed and ‘low-tech’ post so I’m not going into the technical details of the ‘automatic-snow’ feature but it suffices to know that it is a feature that allows for turning on and off snow at any given time in the engine. The good thing is it requires absolutely no content pipeline preparation whatsoever and has a surprisingly low GPU demand. It has an abundant array of tweakable parameters but I won’t get into that in this post!

Below is a video showing some video captures I made using the ‘default’ settings,

Well, that’s it for this post folks! I will get into the details in a future post. In the meantime feel free to share and like the post if you liked it!

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