It is early days in development so there’s not a lot of content readily available for showing off stuff inside the engine. So I thought I’d take some assets unrelated to our game and have a bit of a play around with the engine’s ‘automatic-snow’ feature. This is a short, relaxed and ‘low-tech’ post so […]

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Well, we’ve taken the plunge by launching this website along with our first trailer – a little teaser in which many of the models are still placeholder – and our first press release. The press release has already been picked up by Gamastutra and MMOExaminer among others. Exciting times!

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The fog begins to clear… The spyglass tightens its grip on the land… The compass spins for joy… Welcome to the Wayward Isles!

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    Happy New Year from the Wayward Isles! (We're in a slightly skewed timezone, hence the delay...)
    Sail ahoy! A new devlog post:…
    RT @amanfr01: (Today, it's mostly been compose. Particularly for @Wayward_Isles. Music for the demo is officially in the works! #gamedev #g…
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